So you are considering buying a Barclaycard merchant service? But what card processing services do they offer, how much do they cost and do they provide fraud protection? We can help you!

Below is the top guide offering the best insight into Barclaycard and its products including card processing, payment services, their contract, all fees and much more.

Card Processing & Payment Services

Barclaycard merchant services provides face-to-face, online, phone and mail payments services. Each service handles payments in 48 currencies before converting them into one of 14 major currencies. This is done through their ‘Dynamic Currency Conversion’ system. Transactions can be accepted through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, PayPal, Diners and Apple Pay.  

  • Face-to-face payments

Three types of credit card terminals are offered including a countertop for POS retailers, a portable PDQ for service businesses and the Barclaycard Anywhere Reader. It’s mobile applications allow for payment processing through a smartphone or iPad. 

  • Online payments

Three types of online payment options are offered including the standard ‘e-PDQ Essential’,  which is a pay-as-you-go option designed for startups and traders. The ‘e-PDQ Extra’ comes with customizable fraud protection settings. Lastly, the premium ‘e-PDQ Extra Plus’ features a multi-currency acceptance and multi-batch payment processing. 

  • Phone & Mail payments

Two types of virtual terminal options including the ‘e-PDQ MOTO Essential’ which helps small business and startups accept low volume payments over the phone and through email. The ‘e-PDQ MOTO Extra’ allows for multi-currency payments and order email notifications.

Contracts & Features

The typical contract is 12-18 months which gives businesses access to Barclaycard’s reliable payment solution.  It’s openness means that hidden fees have been virtually eliminated throughout the lifetime of the contract. On the other hand, this can mean high financial penalties should the contract be cancelled early.

Barclaycard merchant services offer an impressive number of features detailed below. 

  • Countertop PDQ machines.
  • Virtual Terminals.
  • MOTO Solutions.
  • Online Payments.
  • Mobile Card Machine.
  • POS integration.
  • Proven fraud prevention tools.
  • PCI-DSS compliance service.
  • Barclaycard Anywhere Machine & App.

Pricing & Fees

Barclaycard merchant services are very competitive when it comes to their pricing & fees. They charge for their face-to-face, online and telephone/mail payment service separately. We have outlined them in the tables below. 

Face-to-Face Payments
Payment Type Contract Monthly Cost Fee Setup Fee
Countertop 18 months £15 Volume Based £0
Portable 18 months £20 Volume Based £0
Mobile 18 months £25 Volume Based £0
Smart Device N/A £0 1.6% (75p per refund)  £60


Online (ePDQ) Payment
Payment Type Contract Monthly Cost Fee Setup Fee
Essential 12 months £20 1.75% £0
Extra 12 months £45 1.75% £0
Extra Plus 12 months £75 1.75% £0


Phone & Mail Payments
Payment Type Contract Monthly Cost Fee Setup Fee
Virtual Terminal 12 months £20 1.75% £0

Pros & Cons

You will find a list of the positives and negatives of Barclaycard merchant services from independent reviews below. The company has built a positive reputation for itself over time.


  • Fast application process.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Modern & intuitive interface.
  • Strong fraud protection measures.
  • Relaxed sales approach.


  • Customer service has struggled previously.
  • Issues accessing accounts in some regions.
  • Higher fees than some competitors.

Our Verdict

In general, Barclaycard merchant services provide a good quality and easy to use payments service. They offer a mixture of services and short-term contracts. This has made them an attractive option for SME and bigger businesses. More information on Barclaycard merchant services is available on their website.