As a small business owner, you are considering buying the iZettle Card Reader? But does it accept every credit or debit card, not to mention fees and a lengthy contract? We have the answers to all your questions.

Below the top guide offers a unique insight into card payments, all fees, client contracts, and much more. By the end, you should be an expert on iZettle!

iZettle Card Reader – How it works

Before getting their hands on this industry leading mobile card reader,  a merchant will need to quickly register for iZettle by filling in business-specific information and getting their account approved after the company performs credit check and identity verification – known internally as their ‘unique risk assessment’. Once this relatively fast process is complete, the reader can be ordered using the complimentary delivery service, quickly setup and activated. 

This well designed and compact card reader can accept payments quickly and efficiently through its intuitive onboard system. The merchant simply enters the total sale amount in the ‘POS App’ and uses the reader to take a credit card or contactless payment. Once the customer enters their pin number and approval is received, a receipt may be printed or it can be sent via SMS or email.

While comparisons with competitor PDQ machines have been drawn in the past, iZettle permit use of their machine without the need for a merchant account – unlike the competition.  

iZettle Features & Payments

We know that by using the iZettle reader, merchants can accept payments from virtually anywhere using both chip & pin and contactless payment via credit card, debit card, American Express as well as Apple, Samsung and Google Pay. The iZettle ‘Go app’ also offers additional payment and business management functionality which can greatly assist small businesses achieve their goals. There are a considerable number of features that this market-leading device possess and we have listed a select few beneath. 

  • VAT & discounts: Add VAT and customized discounts to receipts.
  • Refunds: Full refunds for individual items or entire bill. 
  • Security: Magstripe removed, includes transaction protection, tamper-proof design & payment data encryption.
  • Battery life: 8-hour mobile battery life covers a full business day.
  • Payments: Chip-and-pin, contactless and swipe payments
  • Tipping: tipping feature recently added to accommodate food & beverage industry
  • Design:  Impressively compact design means device fits in the palm of your hand

The mobile card reader also enables you to take payments from the following card services: 

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • UnionPay
  • American Express
  • JCB
  • Discover
  • Diner’s Club
  • Visa Electron
  • Maestro
  • V Pay

If all of this was not enough, iZettle also provide extra payment and software support through its free iZettle ‘Go App’ and the paid version, iZettle Go PLUS, which costs a mere £29 per month + 2.5% per transaction fee.

The iZettle Go App includes the following features for free:  

  • Seamless integration with accounting app ‘Xero’.
  • Register cash payments in app. 
  • Create, send and track invoices
  • Use smartphone to scan barcode products
  • Built-in stock management system

iZettle: Who should be using it

This portable card reader which comes in both black and white is heavily marketed at small growing businesses, just like competitors ‘Square’ and ‘SumUP’. Unlike its competitors, iZettle is significantly cheaper than other PDQ machines and merchant accounts due to much lower monthly costs and fees. In our estimation, this payment solution would be an asset to any of the businesses listed beneath.

  • Startups businesses
  • Retail
  • Hospitality (including food & drink)
  • Tradesmen
  • Small businesses (less than £1,500 processed per month)
  • Business which require occasional electronic payments

iZettle: Pricing & Fees

The company boasts a transparent and affordable pricing model with no lock-in contracts or hidden costs. We have listed iZettle’s very affordable fee structure beneath. 

  • Card Reader: £59 + VAT for device.
  • Flat rate: 1.75% per chip-and-pin payment.
  • Flat rate: 2.5% for online and invoice payments.
  • Point of Sale App: Free 
  • No setup fees.
  • No monthly fees.
  • No contract.
  • No charge for refunds.
  • No additional fee for foreign card payments.


*(Please note: All Information accurate at the time of publication)

iZettle: The Pros & Cons

iZettle have earned a very positive reputation with a score of 4.2 out of 5 reported on leading independent review website, Trustpilot. When we analyse the more than 1,600 reviews that have been left by customers, we find a rate of 82% who describe the company as ‘excellent’ or ‘great’.  

Some of the positives and negatives listed on the website relating to the company include:


  • Excellent customer support
  • Intuitive and easy to understand solution
  • User-friendly and minimal training required
  • Very affordable


  • Lack of portable printer to compliment machine.
  • More customisation required.
  • Software malfunctions can occur.

Further independent information on iZettle can be found here on TrustPilot.

iZettle: Background

iZettle is a Swedish financial technology company founded in Stockholm in 2010, which offers its award-winning payment solutions to businesses across the country. It’s founders Jacob De Geer and Magnus Nilsson launched the company’s first chip & pin card reader in 2011. They swiftly followed this up in August 2011 when they released their mobile app for iOS in Sweden, and their Android version in 2012. In February 2013, iZettle gained access to customers in the UK, Spain, Mexico and Brazil through a partnership with Santander Bank. After signing up to Visa’s ‘Ready Program’ in 2013, the company won the coveted MasterCard Best Practices certification, recognising the quality of its service. In 2018, the company was acquired by Paypal.

Amongst its suite of payment products, its lightning-fast card readers are renowned industry-wide. The reader enables small businesses across the UK to accept payments from virtually anywhere in both chip & pin and contactless payment form. Having said that, let’s delve in for a closer look at this solution and its features.

iZettle: Our Verdict

The iZettle Card Reader is arguably the best option on the market for business startups and smaller merchants.  Their designers have squeezed a huge amount of functionality into a compact, mobile and stylish device. It allows merchants to take this intuitive device anywhere and accept credit and debit card payments safely and securely through the built in chip-and-pin and contactless functionality. While the separate magstripe reader can make swiping cards on the go a little cumbersome, the additional functionality available through its POS applications along with the range of card services it supports, makes it worth it.  

For those merchants or small businesses out there who might process a high number of monthly transactions, a cheaper service offered by competitors such as ‘Square’ or ‘SumUp’ might make more sense. However the iZettle service, in our estimation, is the best option for the rest. More information on the company can be found on their dedicated UK website.