As a sole trader, you need a payments service and your considering Netpay? But how many daily transactions can they handle, are they PCI DSS Compliant and do they offer telephone payments? We can help you!

Here is the top guide which can answer all of your questions including payment services, all legal requirements, contracts & fees and so much more.

Card Processing & Payment Services

NetPay helps businesses accept face-to-face, online, phone and mail card payments. It provides a range of card machines, and combined payments including PCI Compliance. It offers an app payment service and flexible finance services. The ‘Revolution’ analytics service provides detailed insights into payment processing and overall performance. It also supports other services as needed.  

The main payment services that NetPay offer are listed below. 

  • Face-to-Face Payments

The card machines provided by NetPay come with contactless, mobile payment technology, and care packages.  Each one is able to offer real-time intelligent management reporting. 

  1. Wired Machine: over the counter payments & connection via a telephone line.
  2. Wireless Machine: portable payments makes it ideal for hospitality or cafes.
  3. Mobile Machine: enables mobile payments through a GPRS connection, like a mobile phone.
  • Online Payments

The safe online payment system provided by NetPay accepts all major credit and debit cards. It is fully integrated with shopping cart and other software.  It is capable of taking international payments, and the payment gateway is fully PCI DSS compliant. A ‘HostedForm’ can also be attached which allows customers to purchase directly on a business website using a customised form. Just like the card machines, reporting and transaction history is available for each business.

  • Telephone & Mail Payments

NetPay can provide a virtual terminal to any business. This allows the processing of phone and mail payments, on individual staff accounts. All that is needed are specific customer and payment details.  

Contracts & Features

The typical contract is three years in length and there are termination fees included in the agreement. Those fees depend on the type of business, how long the business has been with NetPay and how long is left on their contract.  As the collecting bank, First Data dictate all exit fees. This makes discontinuance very costly. In some cases businesses have reported receiving damaged or poorly refurbished terminals, which do not last the contracted period.

There are a number of features which NetPay include in their service. These are detailed below.  

  • Intuitive and user-friendly payment page.
  • 24/7 x 365 UK based technical support. 
  • Provide short-term terminal rental.
  • Flexible funding solution offered.
  • Currency conversion service.
  • Valuable partnership network.
  • Training courses for merchant staff. 
  • Extensive digital library online.

Pricing & Fees

In comparison to competitors, NetPay is pretty clear when it comes to pricing and fees. The minimum costings for credit & debit card, online payments, card machine rental and other fees are below.

Credit & Debit Card Fees
Consumer & Business Debit Cards 0.39% + 2.50p upwards
Consumer Credit Cards 0.69% + 2.50p upwards
Business & Corporate Credit Cards 2% + 2.50p upwards


Online Payments
Online Setup (once-off) £29.99
Monthly Fee £9.99 + VAT


Card Machine Fees
Machine Type Monthly Fee
Corded  £8.99 + VAT
Wireless £14.99 + VAT
GPRS £16.99 + VAT
Virtual None


Additional Fees
Type` Fee 
Monthly Service Charge £15.00
PCI Fees £4.99 (6 months free)
Paper Statement  £4.00
Chargeback Fee £15.00
Refund None

Pros & Cons

The products and services that NetPay provide are rated highly on independent review websites. On Trustpilot the company has a 4.5/5 rating, with almost 90% of those rating it as ‘excellent’. A number of positives and negatives have been highlighted and those are listed below.


  • Trusted award-winning company.
  • Broad range of products & services.
  • Excellent Customer Support available.
  • Competitive fees & no hidden charges.


  • Lengthy three year contracts.
  • Termination fees can be excessive.
  • Monthly charges.

Our Verdict

Any business that is looking for an easy to deal with and relatively cheap partner should look to NetPay. They can match any company with a good merchant services supplier. They will provide first rate support throughout the process. Once sign-up is complete, a business uses their hardware and software systems to accept payments both face-to-face and online. Due to the 36 month contract, high monthly charges and termination fees, smaller businesses or sole traders might find more favourable terms elsewhere. For everyone else – NetPay should be seriously considered! Further information is available on the NetPay website.