You are considering buying a Sumup card reader for your business? And you want to know how it works, what the payment schedule is and if it’s safe to use? We can help you!

Below is the best guide offering an exclusive insight into contractual terms, money transfer schedule, payment security and how it all works. If you’re ready, let’s get cracking!

SumUP Air Card Reader

The SumUP Air Card Reader is one of the best mobile readers available today. It’s a well designed device and comes with NFC, Bluetooth, an integrated Li-ion battery and accepts payments through Google Pay and Apple Pay.  

The registration process can be completed within minutes online. It also does not need a separate merchant account. The card reader can be used together with the Smartphone App, which is downloadable for free. As a relatively new product, it is a serious challenger to the market leading ‘iZettle Card Reader’. It can accept all major credit and debit cards. After it has been purchased, the only expense is 1.69% per transaction fee. 

The SumUp Air Card Reader comes with the features listed beneath.  

  • Free Dashboard and reporting.
  • Free Customer Support.
  • Compatible with mobile devices, including iOS/Android, smartphone and tablet.
  • No contract required. 
  • 30 day money back guarantee. 
  • Micro-USB charging port.
  • Upgrade to full POS solution available. 

SumUp also fully comply with the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) regulation. This makes sure that a secure payment environment exists all the time.

How it works

When a business signs up on the website, SumUp confirm all details and create a business account. The only exception would be a business classed as a restricted business. The SumUp Card Reader can then be ordered, and can take between 3-5 business days to deliver. The SumUp App can also be downloaded to a smart device before the card reader arrives. The whole process can take about one week.  

When it is delivered, the card reader is ready to use. After the machine has been switched on and the Bluetooth has been activated, it can be setup by accessing the ‘Payment Methods’ section on the App. Once it is successfully set-up, the card reader will automatically switch on when it’s within range of the smart device. 

A business owner can also create an inventory of products, which they can use at payment. All customers can pay using either ‘Chip & Pin’ or contactless technology. The SumUP Card Reader also allows a business to accept a cash payment.  

When processing a payment, the steps below should be followed.

  • Manually enter the amount in the SumUp App.
  • Use the Air Card Reader to accept payment.
  • Email or text a receipt to the customer.
  • Receive payment into designated bank account within 2-3 days.

A business owner can choose either a weekly or monthly cash transfer schedule. This can be done by setting it up through their SumUP account.

Facts & Features

As we have already mentioned, the SumUp Air Card Reader has become a challenger to the established providers such as iZettle, Square and PayPal. It offers a number of features which make the card reader very noticeable. These include: 

  • Battery Life: Up to 500 transactions on a single charge.
  • Connectivity: Own WI-FI connection or smartphone data.
  • Payments: Transferred directly to bank account.
  • Keypad: PIN can be entered for secure payment.
  • Contract: No obligation or paperwork.
  • Satisfaction: Rated ‘excellent’ on independent review website, TrustPilot

The SumUp App is a separate mobile payment service. This means that businesses can use the software independently. Even though it is not as advanced as other applications, it has a range of features and benefits.  These include:

  • Easily resend receipts.
  • Activate account.
  • Create separate staff accounts.
  • Custom Tax/VAT receipts.
  • Send receipts via text or email.
  • Ability to print physical receipts.
  • Access to sales history.

Which businesses should buy it?

SumUp provides a low-cost and flexible service allowing business to accept payments virtually anywhere. All they need is a mobile connection. The service is best suited to smaller businesses that might process a lower number of card payments per month. 

The competitive transaction fees and it’s ability to accept both card and cash payments on the go, make it a good match for the following:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Trades People
  • Service Sector
  • New business
  • Small business

The SumUp service is based on a low number of payments per month. Any business processing a higher number of payments should look elsewhere for better volume rates.

Competitors & Pricing

The mobile payment market is a very competitive one. The providers who operate there provide a range of packages to their clients. The low fees charged by SumUp have quickly made them an industry favourite. A complete list of the major players and costs are beneath. 

Card Reader Device Cost Transaction Fees Settlement Time
Square £19 + VAT 1.75% Instant
SumUp £29 + VAT 1.69% 2-3 business days
iZettle £29 + VAT 1.75% 1-2 business days
BarclayCard Anywhere £29 + VAT 1.60% 2-3 business days
PayPal Here £45 + VAT 1.00 – 2.75% Instant 
Shopify £59 1.5 – 1.7% 2-3 business days

(Please note: All Information accurate at the time of publication)

Our Verdict

In their short history, SumUp have seriously shaken up the card reader market. They have have earned their rightful place amongst the established providers. The SumUp Air Card Reader and App give businesses the freedom and flexibility you would expect.   

It’s basic service model means that extra features or supporting software are not provided by SumUp. iZettle provide a great reader and App combination. Square have developed a fantastic card reader with the support you would expect. All for a higher transaction fee of course.

SumUp is the obvious choice for smaller businesses on a tight budget, with a low monthly payment volume. It allows them to accept payments – anytime or anywhere.